Hi, I am Panos Dramitinos.

I wish to become a cartoonist, musician and industrial designer…in recent years I have been trying to think myself as a designer so you can find samples of my work here:

For years I have been thinking whether it is a good idea to present myself as a specialized professional or an overall creative person. I am saying “present myself” because I know I wish to share whatever comes out of me with more people but I don’t know if I wish to become a specialized professional or not. And I still don’t. Therefore I am keeping this website as a more general platform for the communication of my activities while occuping other spaces for more specialized purposes.

I know it is not viable, nor clear but I hope some day, I decide who I finally am and clarify my position.

Enjoy the few clicks you try in my website and (hopefully) see you again.

Yours Trully,

Panos Dramitinos

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